Sabin CDC Presents: Our Shared Palette

Sabin CDC Presents: Our Shared Palette


Call Type Competition
Call Eligibility State
Entry Dates 10/4/23, 12:00 AM - 11/3/23, 11:59 PM 204 Days Left
Entry Fee? No
Sabin CDC Presents: Our Shared Palette

1488 NE Alberta Street
Portland 97211 United States


The "Sabin Art Scholarship" is a testament to our commitment to promoting inclusivity and recognizing the unique perspectives and talents of LGBTQIA+, Women, and Minority artists. By providing financial support, mentorship, and a platform for artistic expression, we aim to empower individuals to make a lasting impact in the world of art. This Art Scholarship aims to recognize and reward exceptional artistic talent within this communities community. We believe in the power of art to inspire, connect, and transform, and we are committed to supporting our budding artists in their creative journeys.

The theme for this Scholarship is "Re-Engaging Community". After all of the initial sketches are submitted and reviewed on our end, we will be selecting 5 artists from each group (15-19 years and 20- 24 years). These artists will then be issued a small stipend to complete a full piece to be displayed at an Art Show on December 10th, 2023 where the winners from each group will be announced and awarded. The winners will have their art hung in one of our buildings

To start the application process, please complete the Google poll attached below and submit a sketch with the theme of “Re-Engaging a Community” to the email From there 5 applicants 15-19 years old and 5 applicants 20-24 year old Sketches will be selected as finalists. Those who are selected will then receive a small stipend to purchase materials to turn their sketch into a full piece and have it displayed at an art show where the winners will be announced.

Posted on: 10/2/23, 11:23 PM