AD ASTRA "To the Stars" Virtual Exhibition & Kindle Catalogue

AD ASTRA "To the Stars" Virtual Exhibition & Kindle Catalogue


Call Type Exhibition
Call Eligibility International
Entry Dates 10/17/23, 9:53 AM - 11/6/23, 9:53 AM 119 Days Left
Entry Fee? Yes (25)
AD ASTRA "To the Stars" Virtual Exhibition & Kindle Catalogue

Washignton D.C.


Open Call:
Ad Astra, “To the Stars” in Latin

Open Call:
Gallery 44 seeks visual art work that is futuristic, surreal, and transcendent. “To the Stars” is a latin phrase often used to depict an enlightened state achieved only after enduring great hardship. The theme is open for interpretation to a degree. All media is acceptable.

What do artists receive?
Virtual Exhibition - Gallery 44 has been exploring the latest technology to present art in a digital and dynamic format. Global Reach is our aim. We are keen to interpret the digital space within the current theme. Ad Astra will be the 3rd exhibition held by G44 and the second virtual exhibition.
Published Catalogue - We create and publish, meticulous and exceptional catalogues that present art within an informed context. Catalogues are published in multiple formats including Google Drive, ISSUU and Amazon Global.
Exposure - Our reach is growing exponentially through digital platforms. As a gallery that champions emerging artists, we make a point to highlight our exhibitions to art consultants, art collectors, corporate art buyers and blue chip galleries.

Exhibition Dates: Saturday, November 11th to Saturday, January 6th

-All work must be for sale through Gallery 44 during the time of the exhibition
-Commission is 50 percent to the Gallery and 50 percent towards the artist.
-Artists must include shipping within the United States in their total price.
-International shipping is calculated on a case by case basis.

-Application Due Date: October 29th, 2023.
Fee: 25 USD - this fee is used towards administration costs.
-Images of 3 works, work details, artist resume, 3 or less sentences about how your work fits into the theme, website link.
-Fill out the form by clicking on the image above.

****By submitting you agree to the above conditions.

Posted on: 10/18/23, 1:55 PM