A Remarkable Turnout of Companies and Institutions Provide Opportunities for Artists. Entry deadline extended to November 22, 2023.

A Remarkable Turnout of Companies and Institutions Provide Opportunities for Artists. Entry deadline extended to November 22, 2023.


Call Type Competition
Call Eligibility International
Entry Dates 11/6/23, 12:00 PM - 11/22/23, 12:00 AM 242 Days Left
Entry Fee? Yes (120)
A Remarkable Turnout of Companies and Institutions Provide Opportunities for Artists. Entry deadline extended to November 22, 2023.
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Venice Italy


VENEZIA – For 18 years, the Arte Laguna Prize has been a beacon for uncovering emerging talent in contemporary art from around the world. Each year, a panel of international experts carefully selects 120 finalists, including digital artists, street artists, designers, videomakers, landscape artists, graphic designers, performers, photographers, sculptors, and painters.

What makes this year's edition even more exciting is the growing involvement of forward-thinking companies and institutions in the realm of contemporary art. They are partnering with the Arte Laguna Prize to offer special prizes that not only provide exceptional opportunities for artists but also bring fresh ideas and perspectives to various industries in their quest for innovation.

Over the years, many companies have embraced the Arte Laguna Prize initiative. Notably, in 2007, Silvano Pierdonà of Capodopera collaborated with artist Annalù to create a limited edition series of artistic sideboards, showcased at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. More recent collaborations include Bios Line, which commissioned sculptor Vittorio Mandelli to craft an artistic cedar wood seed sculpture installed at the company's entrance. Fraccaro Spumadoro also collaborated with artist Amelia Corvino to design the packaging for their Christmas focaccia. Explore our "Business for Art" section for additional examples.

The 18th edition of the Arte Laguna Prize has already fostered numerous partnerships. One such collaboration is with Incalmi, a firm renowned for its research, design, and product development in the luxury, design, and architecture realms, known for creating uniquely inspired and crafted objects worldwide. Incalmi invites submissions of works, projects, or design products in the fields of lighting, giftware, or furniture that incorporate the technique of fire enamel on copper.

Another special award comes from PRIMOPIANO CUCINE, which seeks submissions from artists, designers, students, and creative minds that depict the significance of living well in everyday surroundings.

Framis Italia is also offering an award for the best artistic proposal involving the use of their new product, the Framis tape, in the world of fashion.

As autumn arrived, three more remarkable opportunities have emerged: NoName Studio is offering an artistic residency in Shanghai.

Energiapuntozero is presenting a prize for artistic proposals aimed at raising awareness of environmental sustainability.

IED Group, School of Higher Education, is offering one of their courses as a prize.

Given the wealth of opportunities, recently formalized, the organization has decided to extend the submission deadline to November 22, 2023, providing artists with more time to apply for these coveted prizes.

Participation has exceeded expectations thus far, with submissions increasing by as much as 30 percent compared to the previous edition. This surge reflects the flourishing landscape of contemporary art, offering new horizons for both talented creators and those who recognize and harness that talent, all while positively impacting society and the environment.

To apply, visit: https://artelagunaprize.com/18th-edition-23-24/

The Arte Laguna Prize finalists and Special Prizes Exhibition takes place every March in the captivating North Arsenal of Venice. This unique venue enhances the artistic heritage of each edition, offering artists unparalleled visibility in the historical surroundings of the Arsenal, once Europe's largest ship factory. The exhibition draws art collectors, curators, critics, gallery owners, and art enthusiasts. The opening is scheduled for Saturday, March 2 at 5pm, and the exhibition will run from March 3 to April 1 from 10am to 6pm daily, with admission by voluntary donation to the MoCA Association.

The substantial prize pool:

Group Exhibition at the North Arsenal in Venice, March 2024
Grand Prize of €10,000 for the Overall Winner
€3,000 offered by Incalmi
€3,000 offered by PRIMOPIANO CUCINE
€3,000 offered by Energiapuntozero
€2,000 offered by Framis Italia
€5,000 offered by Ied Group
1 prize offered by KINDL Festival Prize in Berlin, Germany
1 prize offered by BJCEM Prize
1 prize offered by Luisa Catucci Gallery Prize in Berlin
1 prize offered by Cris Contini Gallery Prize in London
1 residency offered by Fabrica di Benetton in Treviso, Italy
1 residency offered by Tasa in Taiwan
1 residency offered by NoName Studio in Shanghai, China
1 residency offered BigCi in Australia
1 residency offered NY20+ in China
1 residency offered Blackholes in Latvia
1 residency offered CCCA in Ghana
1 residency offered MoCA in Venice, Italy
Permanent visibility on the digital E-commerce platform Arte Laguna World

Driven by its enduring mission to nurture emerging talent, and thanks to the support of an extensive network of international collaborations, Arte Laguna Prize invites artists and designers to submit their work, embracing the opportunity to become part of this global celebration of contemporary art.


Posted on: 11/6/23, 1:24 PM