This Art is for Sale: an exploration of artwork as work

This Art is for Sale: an exploration of artwork as work


Call Type Exhibition
Call Eligibility National
Entry Dates 11/7/23, 9:19 AM - 12/1/23, 9:19 AM 3 Days Left
Entry Fee? Yes (0)
This Art is for Sale: an exploration of artwork as work

111 Chinquapin Round Road, Suite 200
ANNAPOLIS 21401 United States


We aren’t the only ones screaming from the rooftops that “Artwork is Work.” As an artist you know your value and work on your craft for so many hours a day that it’s more than a full time job.

‘This Art is For Sale: an exploration of artwork as work’ exhibit will be held in the two main galleries at Maryland Hall January-March 2024. This show’s aim is to educate the public, galleries, art buyers, and businesses who use art, post art, collect art and benefit from art every single day that being an artist is a real job that deserves real pay…not exposure.

Call #1: Martino Gallery Exhibit:
Poster Art Exhibit Call: We are looking for Illustrators, Designers, Tattoo Artists, Sign Painters, Font Creators and all the artists in-between to create an 11x17 sized poster to be displayed during the Martino Gallery. Multiple submissions are permitted. A total of 20 designs will be chosen for the exhibition. Final original works must be framed in a white, black frame of your choice. Original artwork will be for sale, but you can also have digital prints or screen prints of your posters made to sell as well. We welcome all mediums, so get creative and share your interpretation of what ‘Artwork is Work’ means to you.

Call #2: Chaney Gallery Exhibit:
“Functional” Art Call: When we think of fine art, our minds usually go to paintings and pieces hanging on a gallery wall or maybe it’s a sculpture set up in the corner of the space. These are almost always pieces that are to be looked at and enjoyed but not touched.

Fine art can also be functional art. We are seeing more and more functional art out in the world. From hand designed rugs to unique lighting and furniture we see sculptures that serve as coat racks or a ceramic pitcher that looks like a sculpture on your countertop. We even see it in fashion with art to wear pieces. The ideas and options are endless and we want to celebrate the artists working in that sphere.

All mediums are welcome in this call. Interpretations of “functional” does not have to be literal and can be more on the creative side. These works will be on exhibit in the Chaney Gallery at Maryland Hall.

Acceptable Works

Framed 11” x 17” poster art
2D artworks (drawing, painting, printmaking)
3D artworks (sculpture, installation work)
Installation art


Artist will receive 60% of sales of their work approximately 2 weeks after the exhibit end.
Artwork does not have to be for sale

AND Creative will handle all pick up and delivery of original works sold at the end of the show (except for prints)

Prints of any 2D artwork may be created by the artist and added into the Maryland Hall gallery online shop for sale during the exhibit timeframe. Artists will be responsible for mailing sold prints to the buyers at the end of the show.
AND Creative will provide artists with a list of sales and customer contact information.

Maryland Hall will work with buyers to organize any deliveries or drop-offs

Exhibit Location:
Maryland Hall (second floor galleries)
801 Chase Street
Annapolis, MD 21401

Exhibition Schedule
October 15: Art submissions open
December 1: Entry deadline
December 11: Notification of acceptance into show
January 4-5: Artwork drop-off to Maryland Hall
January 11: Exhibition opening reception (5:30pm)
TBD: Pick up of artwork at Maryland Hall

Posted on: 11/7/23, 2:20 PM