My Happy Place: A Small Works Show

My Happy Place: A Small Works Show


Call Type Exhibition
Call Eligibility National
Entry Dates 11/1/23, 12:00 AM - 4/5/24, 11:59 PM 34 Days Left
Entry Fee? Yes (40)
My Happy Place: A Small Works Show

368 South State Street
Lake Oswego 97034 United States


The Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts invites you to show us your personal Happy Place! Use your emotional and creative ideas to interpret a place you'd like to escape to- real or imaginary. This might be a location you daydream about, a place you retreat to frequently, or just a stolen moment to a tranquil setting, during a busy day. Think about places you dream of going or just have your head in the clouds. Maybe your happy place is on the sofa with a favorite book. Transport yourself to a place you hold dear to your heart, and then get it onto your canvas!

Two-dimensional work in any medium is acceptable. Collage, scratchboard, watercolors, oils acrylic, colored pencil, graphite, encaustic, and pastels may be used. In addition, natural or handmade paper, and fiber will be accepted. Photography compositions made from artist's original negatives or digital images processed by the artist are acceptable.
All art must be in a SQUARE format with PERIMETER equal to 8 x 8" , 10 x 10" , or 12 x 12". The finished art can be framed or unframed; deep cradle or canvas. Whether the artwork is framed or unframed the exterior dimensions must fit the format stated above. Work can be all one size or a combination of all accepted sizes.
All work must be priced at $350 or less.
Prints (photography or hand-pulled must be signed, including print work from hand manipulated plates.
All art must be original and signed by the artist.
NO AI generated artwork.

Posted on: 12/7/23, 10:40 PM