The Body Revolts / The Body Aligns

The Body Revolts / The Body Aligns


Call Type Exhibition
Call Eligibility International
Entry Dates 1/19/24, 5:40 PM - 3/15/24, 11:59 PM 13 Days Left
Entry Fee? No
The Body Revolts / The Body Aligns


International Online exhibition on LGBTQIA+ identity and experiences.
Queer-identifying 18+ artists are welcome to submit.
Submissions are free and open internationally.

In an effort to amplify voices and perspectives often marginalized in the portrayal of bodies and lived experiences, "The Body Revolts/The Body Aligns" seeks to delve into every aspect of LGBTQIA+ identity. This exploration encompasses the triumphs of queer love and self-acceptance, as well as the arduous journeys of self-discovery and the persistent struggle for mere existence. We invite members of the LGBTQIA+ community to engage in candid conversations and present nuanced depictions of their lived stories through submissions to this online exhibition. The goal of this exhibition is to spark discussions on identity, embodied queer experiences challenging societal norms, and examining the interplay between LGBTQIA+ identity and mind-body dichotomy.

Posted on: 1/19/24, 9:43 AM