250Lex Public Art Project

250Lex Public Art Project


Call Type Competition
Call Eligibility National
Entry Dates 1/25/24, 12:00 PM - 2/29/24, 11:59 PM 1 Days Left
Entry Fee? No
250Lex Public Art Project

200 E. Main St.
Lexington 40507 United States


APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED VIA CAFE - CALLS FOR ENTRY.ORG. THE SPECIFIC URL FOR THIS PROJECT IS: https://artist.callforentry.org/festivals_unique_info.php?ID=12982 Deadline for entry is Feb. 29, 2024 - 11:59 PM Mountain Time

In preparation for the 250th anniversary of the founding of the City of Lexington, Kentucky, Mayor Linda Gorton identified new public art as a priority for the 2025 anniversary year. A prominent outdoor site along Main St. in downtown Lexington, at the front of the Robert Stephens Courthouse Plaza, has been selected for the artwork. This will be the largest work of public art ever commissioned by the City of Lexington.
The Lexington-Fayette Urban Co. Government (LFUCG in Kentucky) invites professional and practicing artists and artist/design teams, residing in the United States, to submit qualifications to propose a permanent, unique, site-specific 3D artwork in recognition of the 250th anniversary of the founding of the City of Lexington.
The vision for the 250LEX public art project is to create an environment, through public art, that encourages conversation and action, inspires thought and reflection, and acknowledges the 250th anniversary of the founding of the City of Lexington. Through public art, the space will engage current Lexingtonians, as well as future visitors and residents, by looking forward to the promise and progress to come.

The goal is for this public art project to celebrate artistic excellence in a work of art that will activate the site, and create an art space that will draw people in, engage the community, and encourage social interaction in the heart of downtown Lexington. This work of art, in a prominent city setting, will elevate a sense of awareness of our community and help to cultivate a shared cultural identity and sense of belonging. While acknowledging this important historical milestone for the City of Lexington, and working within the surrounding design of the Courthouse Plaza, the primary purpose for this art commission is to create a highly visible and site-specific work of art that is timeless and that will express a forward looking, ambitious, positive, and hopeful gaze toward the future.

The budget for artwork is up to $750,000 all-inclusive of all costs for the project, including artist fees, other consultants’ and subcontractors’ fees, insurance, engineering, materials, fabrication, and transportation, and lighting. There is an additional $100,000 allowance for site prep for the project.
An additional $50,000 will be designated to support future conservation and maintenance of the artwork.

Artists and design teams must be professional and practicing artists who can demonstrate experience successfully executing large-scale public art projects. Artists must be legally able to work in the United States and be at least 18 years of age. Artists not meeting these requirements will not be considered.
We are committed to a policy of providing opportunities to people regardless of economic or social status and will not discriminate based on race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, creed, religion, political belief, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, veteran status, or physical or mental disability.

A selection committee composed of City of Lexington personnel, artists and arts professionals, and other community stakeholders will review the credentials of professional, practicing artists and design teams who can demonstrate experience successfully executing large-scale public sculpture projects. Entries not meeting requirements will not be considered.

Located in the center of downtown Lexington, the Robert Stephens Courthouse Plaza was built in 2001 and serves as the “front lawn” of Lexington’s District and Circuit Courts. (Refer to photos and site plan.) The Plaza, located on Limestone Street, and running for a full block between Main Street and Short Street, is composed of grassy areas, sidewalks, stone paved walkways, small stone fences, low stone steps, and a large interactive water fountain on the Short Street end of the plaza.
The specific site for the art commission is an open space that faces a very busy Main Street that is a primary thoroughfare in downtown Lexington. This space is highly visible to pedestrian and vehicular traffic and is directly across the street from Phoenix Park (soon to be redesigned) and the main branch of the Lexington Public Library. Restaurants and bars, and a new City Center complex, which houses corporate offices, condos, and a Marriott Hotel, are in the next block and across the street. The Pam Miller Downtown Art Center is also one door away from the Courthouse Plaza.
Current signage and architectural design elements in the Plaza will remain. Architectural elements closest to the designated art site include several low stone steps that lead up to a platform and stone signage of the Robert Stephens Courthouse. Stone pillars are located on either side of the steps. Further, there are two mature trees currently on either side of the designated space for the public artwork.
Note that a large steel frame (a previous water feature) that is located in the center of the project site, will be removed. (Refer to photos and site plan.) This cost is not part of the project budget.
If desired, ground and low-level space may be utilized beneath the trees located to the left and right of the designated art space. Please see the attached schematics and photographs of the site.

The content for the artwork must be suitable for public consumption and should be sensitive to and respond to the existing architectural features of the Robert Stephens Courthouse Plaza.
Artwork must be made of durable and low- maintenance materials that are suitable for an outdoor, all-weather installation in Lexington, Kentucky. With safety in mind, the design should mitigate any potential hazards such as sharp or protruding edges or elements, structural damage from wind or rain, or hazards or damage created by human interaction.
The artwork should allow for open site lines and a good visual connection between the streets, sidewalks, and the artwork. The height of the artwork should be visible from multiple angles and locations.
Electricity is available on-site and the design should incorporate lighting, interior and/or exterior, to illuminate the artwork and the immediate site.
Water features for the site will not be considered.

Submissions MUST be submitted through CAFÉ – CallForEntry.org:
The URL for the 250LEX Public Art project is: https://artist.callforentry.org/festivals_unique_info.php?ID=12982
Submissions must include:
• A professional resume / CV: Not to exceed three pages.
• An Artists Statement: Please outline your relevant art background and areas of focus. Detail your experience with and approach to public art and your role in other projects of similar scope.
• A Letter of Interest: Describe your interest in this specific project, what you bring to this project as an artist, sources of inspiration presented by the project, your previous projects of similar scope, and any other comments that might help differentiate you as a candidate.
• Images of Past Works: 5 Minimum - 10 Maximum of previously completed artworks. Each image must include a brief description of each project including the title, size, location, budget, and detail of the applicant’s role in the project. Design team applicants must detail each member’s role in past projects.
• Professional References: At least three professional references from past projects with contact information. Identify the relevant project for each reference.
Instructions on how to format images to CaFÉ™ specifications can be found at https://www.callforentry.org/uploading-images-audio-and-video-files/.
Assistance in using the CaFÉ™ system is available here: https://www.callforentry.org/artist-help-cafe/.

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