Wilder Roam 002 Art Publication

Wilder Roam 002 Art Publication


Call Type Unspecified
Call Eligibility National
Entry Dates 2/8/24, 12:27 PM - 3/10/24, 12:23 PM 7 Days Left
Entry Fee? Yes (20.00)
Wilder Roam 002 Art Publication


It’s with much excitement that I announce the call for Wilder Roam 002!

I’d like to invite collage artists, photographers, writers, poets, painters & more to submit their work to be featured.

Theme: “To the Sea” – The theme “To the Sea” explores a variety of feelings and ideas relating to the water. It can be interpreted in many ways. An experience, dream, longing, story and more. What does the sea mean to you?

When Wilder Roam 001 was released it shipped to over 6 countries and shot to the top of the Mixed Media charts! Wilder Roam is a publication available worldwide and sharing the work of dozens of artists over multiple mediums!

“When you step up to your bookshelf and run your finger along the titles, may Wilder Roam land in your hands. Whether you have your luggage and passport on your way to the airport or you just slung your book bag over your shoulder on the way to your local coffee house. Wilder Roam was created to spark and move you all while bringing visibility to the work of the talented, featured artists.”

Posted on: 2/8/24, 7:27 PM