CALL FOR ART, 11:11–The Depth of Perception

CALL FOR ART, 11:11–The Depth of Perception


Call Type Competition
Call Eligibility National
Entry Dates 1/1/23, 12:00 AM - 1/1/23, 12:00 AM 340 Days Left
Entry Fee? Yes (36$)
CALL FOR ART, 11:11–The Depth of Perception

460-C Harrison Avenue, Suite #2


Fountain Street Gallery presents an international call for works that explore the concept of taking notice. Have you ever looked at the clock and noticed the time to be exactly 11:11? For many people it represents a single moment in time that encourages reflection and to focus one’s attention on the present. It can be viewed as the link between human and spirit; darkness and light; scarcity and abundance...

We are looking for work that ranges from the bold and socio-political to the subtle and poetic. It is a call to take a break from the mundane and to look at the bigger picture. Set an intention – make a wish. Pay attention, follow the signs and the creative process, you are being guided towards your purpose. This call is an open question and asks artists to interpret it widely when selecting works to submit.

Words and phrases associated with the phenomenon: intuition, unconscious mind, opportunity, wake up, accelerated soul growth, right time, manifest, twin flame (eternal relationship/love lasting through multiple lives/reincarnation), duality (oneness), digital codes, physical reality, 11 = masculine AND feminine, humanities, window to change, alignment, be present.

Juried by Karina Kelley and Bill Stelling, Kelley Stelling Contemporary

Posted on: 8/16/18, 3:25 PM