Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions we recieve. Most of the features are well outlined and documented via video tutorials from within the demo call admin section, so that's also a great place to get an idea of what can do.

1How much do calls on cost?

Pricing ranges from $79.00 - $499.00. There are several factors that influence price such as: call volume, submission or registration fees, custom domains etc. All of the pricing packages are easily found inside of the free demo call. We have options that fit both large and small calls.

2How long is my site/call active?

Since our beginning in 2009 we've never de-activated any call, but our guarantee is that packages will remain fully active for a full year (12 months). You can easily archive old calls, and create new calls for your next call with a single click! We automatically transfer all of your old set-up to your new call, making it a snap to update & run your next call.

3How do submission media attachments & images work?

Our system allows for users to submit many different types of media (which we refer to as attachments) to each individual submission. The number of attachments per submission is different depending on your call type. We automatically resize image based media to 4 different sizes that are used in various spots on your calls website. You can also set minimum file size constraints to ensure images are at a minimum dimension.
  • Thumbnail: 100px
  • Small: 540px
  • Medium: 1080px
  • Large: 1920px default (customizable to 1920px, 3600px, or 4800px)
Users can upload the following image based file types as long as they are under 4mb file size:
  • Jpeg
  • Png
Users can upload the following additional file formats as long as they are under 25mb file size:
  • mp4
  • mov
  • avi
  • wav
  • mp3
  • aif
  • pdf
  • doc
Note: Filenames for all media are generated programmatically and pre-pended with the submission ID. Thus, the original attachment filename is of no importance, as it is not used at all.
For standard calls each submission can have up to 3 attachments added to it (You can limit 2 or just 1 if needed). For festival, exhibition, & continuous calls each submission can have up to 10 attachments.

4What if my call requires submission fees, how do those work?

Our system allows for you to have registration or submission fees for your call. All of the pages on are served over SSL (https) to ensure all pages & transactions are encrypted. If your call requires submission fees, you'll set up a payment account (which takes about 1 minute) inside of the admin panel. From that point on, all of the revenue accrued from entries go directly into your payment account. You can then have this paid directly to your bank account whenever you choose. The entity that sets up the payment account will receive a 1099 for tax purposes. We use award winning, & industry leading Stripe to process payments. The credit card data is not stored on for added protection. Credit card transactions are subject to our processing fees outlined in the admin section.

5Can I embed an call into an existing website?

Yes! You can embed the entire call process into an existing website, or use a subdomain on, or both. There are few restrictions when embedding which are outlined in the admin panel under the 'Embedding' options section.

6How do I create Juror users?

From the admin menu under the "Tools" menu you'll see an 'Add User" option. From there you can add juror, attendant, & additional admin users. You can add as many juror users as needed.

All of the votes from the different jurors are totaled and averaged per entry. You can even limit specific jurors to specific categories, hide specific fields from jurors, randomize submissions for jurors, see voting statistics for each juror, and much more.

7Can Art Festivals have Booth registration?

Yes. Simply set your call type to 'Festival' and you'll automatically get Booth features enabled. You can create 4 types of booths (each with customizable pricing, sizing): Artist, Food, Performance, & Other. When a user applies to your event, they choose a booth. The booth payments are not due for your users until after you accept (jury in) their applications.

8Can I export my data?

Yes, you can export a CSV (which opens up in Excel), and do any custom sorting of your data you'd like. Once your submission period is over, you can also download a zipped file with all of your calls images and media.

9Can Users edit their submission info after they enter a submission?

Yes and no. A user can edit their submission details along with images they've attached up until the submission period is over. Once the submission period has ended, they cannot edit their entries in any form. This is to prevent them from changing details after the jury process has already begun. If changes to an entry need to be made after the submission period is over, the admin user can "reject" the submission, which grants the user permission to then edit the details.

10Can Admin users edit submission details?

Yes. Admin users can edit submission details by logging in as a particular user to correct or edit information. We recommend rejecting the submissions that don't follow your guidelines and have the individual users correct the errors and re-submit.

11Does the system handle display tags?

Yes. The system can auto-generate printable display tags with customizable design and displayed information.

12Can I manage artwork selling and buyers?

Yes. The 'Attendant' user can sell submissions and process credit cards directly within your call's site.'s entry management system will also track and store buyer information.

13Are these really frequent questions, or did you just make them up?