Websites For Artists

We get quite a few questions about having more features for buying and selling of artwork and managing websites for artists and galleries.  We have a few features within that allow for web galleries to sell artwork and manage buyers, but the functionality is somewhat limited.  In order to provide a more robust feature rich experience for creating artist portfolio websites, we've created a brand new product called  EZZL is portfolio management system for artists and galleries.  It allows artists to create beautiful websites and also manage the buying and selling of their artwork.  It features a full shopping cart system and retains buyer information for future checkout. is a complete unique system from, but is closely aligned and integrated with  Call owners will have the ability to easily export and link their calls with their websites to manage the buying and selling of artwork. is for all artists and galleries, but artists using can also directly link their site to their user profile enabling admins, jurors and call attendants to easily see and work with user portfolio data.

Best of all, is that all users get a free 50% off coupon for the first year of service using! will also feature a global artwork selling website allowing artists to promote their work and sell to a network of buyers throughout the world!  We've got many more features planned for this offering, so stay tuned!


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