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Version 2.4 Released

Posted On:

We're ringing in the new year with another update for  This update brings a few fancy new features and enhancemnts, as well as user requests.  The biggest feature in this release is the ability to genereate QR codes on your Display Tags.  This is a handy way of enhanc... [Read More...]

Version 2.3 Released

Posted On:

We've released a minor update to which brings us to Version 2.3.  This version has a few enhacements to the Jury Rating system, along with the ability to manage uploaded file size requirements. Below are the highlights: Add Jury Star Rating customization.  (You can n... [Read More...]

Version 2.2 Released

Posted On:

We've released version 2.2 for which brings a few new requested features along with some bug fixes and theme improvements.  Below is a break down of what has changed. Enhanced call archives, allowing for viewing multiple call archives without disrupting your current call. ... [Read More...]

Version 2.1 Released

Posted On:

We've released verison 2.1 which brings two new big new features which were at the top of the feature request list.  They are namely: Multi-Pay - The ability for users to pre-pay for xx number of submissions with one credit card transaction! Tiered Pricing - The ability to have tiered (... [Read More...]

Version 2.0 Released

Posted On:

We're happy to announce that version 2.0 has been released.  This version brings a number of enhancements and a couple of great new features!  Below is a quick summary: Added ability to customize custom field types (Radio buttons, Dropdown Menus, Checkboxes, Textareas)  See th... [Read More...]

Version 1.9 Released

Posted On:

We've released version 1.9 which brings a few requested features and additional enhancements.  Here's a quick summary of the updates and changes Released 5/29/2014 Added "Rejected" status/ability to submissions (you can reject a submission, and it will email the user w... [Read More...]

Version 1.8 Released

Posted On:

We've released version 1.8 of our art submission system software.  This version brings many new theme improvements and enhacements which expand on an already great and simple user experience.  We strive to have a system which is both easy to use and understand both show administrators ... [Read More...]

Version 1.7 Released

Posted On:

We've just pushed version 1.7 which brings a few enhancements to the various views, along with one major feature request. We've added a 'Customizations' tab to the admin menu where we'll be adding various customiztions that can be made to the system.  The first feature ha... [Read More...]

Tips for photographing artwork for digital submissions

Posted On:

When entering your artwork into a digital call for arts, you want to ensure that you photograph your artwork correctly, so that the jury will see an accurate representation of your art.  We've compiled a few tips to help you get the most our of your artwork photographs. Square up the pie... [Read More...]

Version 1.6 Released

Posted On:

We've just released an update, which brings us to version 1.6.  This release is primarily an improvement and bug fix update.  We did manage to slip in three new features, which have been requested by a few of our users.  We'll quickly overview what is new. 1) Image deleting... [Read More...]

Version 1.5 Released

Posted On:

We've just released version 1.5 (we've been busy lately) and wanted to give a quick overview of the new features and changes to the online art call for entry system.  We'll start with the biggest feature. Client Payment Integration We've built in the ability (and requireme... [Read More...]

Version 1.4 Released

Posted On:

We've released another update to our art call system.  We'll go over a few of the more significant changes and features in this post.  Should you have any questions, just shoot us an email. Jury System We've done away with out old (although beloved) 'in' and '... [Read More...]

Art Call Entry Management Software Overview

Posted On:

There are essentially 3 phases to running your call for entry with's professional art call management submission system.  We'll briefly discuss the each phase of running your call, and outline a couple of the more common features of our entry management system.  See our... [Read More...]

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